Adidas Originals pop-up at Sole DXB 2016 by LightBlue, Dubai – UAE

December 1st, 2016 by retail design blog

Adidas is no stranger to evoking cultural nostalgia or shaping the narrative of guerrilla lifestyles across urban landscapes. Even Dubai, the city renowned for its gold & glam, was no match for the Adidas Originals’ charms.

Sole DXB, an event showcasing art, culture and street style, was the perfect backdrop for the originals to align their “future” global platform in the Middle East. The campaign, designed as an ode to the resilience of street culture, intersects past, present and future with originals as the apogee of style tribe leaders.

LIGHTBLUE, the experiential agency, inspired by the “future” platform creates their own vision of a “future house dxb”: a towering, multi-material, geometric structure, reflecting the stark contrasts upon which the stage is set between Dubai’s iconic skyline and the surrounding industrial Design District.

Design: LightBlue
Photography: Jeff Clarke / LIGHTBLUE & Gary Barnett / 83Social

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