Tecno technological space by TECNO, Madrid – Spain

December 4th, 2016 by retail design blog

Tecno is reinforcing its Spanish market presence, in continuance of its strategy of dominating the main international markets that since 2013 has led to the opening of Tecno spaces in the main international capitals, such as London and Tokyo, part of a path that will continue in 2017 with other openings in Europe, the USA and the Middle East. Tecno is inaugurating Tecno Madrid on 24 November in the Spanish capital, a multifunctional space that will be home to the complete Tecno experience and expresses all the intricacies of the brand’s DNA, characterised by contemporary design and high technology. A technological space, with lighting through the windows facing onto the historic and elegant Paseo de Eduardo Dato in Madrid, in the central Serrano area.

As stated by Giuliano Mosconi, Tecno chairman, these are “200 m² created with the idea of a home for expertise that offers architects, interior designers, planners and specifiers with technical solutions for products and space layout within complex, sophisticated projects, in the area of contract.” Giuliano Mosconi continues: “Taking centre stage in this space will be the innovative io.T Intelligence of Tecno system, the first system in the world that makes furnishings smart, integrated and interconnected. A central transparent cube, created with the W80 partition wall, integrated with the io.T system to permit control of access, the room booking system, videoconferencing, microclimate management, lighting, to name just a few of the functions that are already reality thanks to io.T.”

The installation will also be characterised by the collections that have lent the brand global recognition: the P40 armchair by Osvaldo Borsani, the Nomos table by Foster&Partners, the Pons seats by Rodolfo Dordoni, as well as the recent Vela seating collection by Lievore Alter Molina, this year’s winner of the ADI (Italian Industrial Design Association) Golden Compass and the Clavis table collection presented at Orgatec in October.

Design: TECNO

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