Chanel pop-up stores, Paris – France

December 12th, 2016 by retail design blog

During the past few years the Marais neighbourhood in Paris has seen the sudden arrival of luxury monobrand stores, and it looks like the end of this trend is nowhere in sight. Originally the stomping grounds of french aristocracy, the area is dotted with grand mansions or hôtels particuliers, and following a handful of peers, the house of Chanel has orchestrated a timely grand entrance right before the presentation of its highly anticipated Arts et Métiers 2016 collection and the holiday season, by way of two pop-up stores on the premises of Hôtel Amelot de Bisseuil. The 17th century building is classified as a national heritage site, and comes replete with the ornate architectural grandeur you’d expect.

Upon passing through the gate with two gargoyle heads and the coat of arms belonging to the family that acquired the townhouse after its completion, shoppers enter the Cour d’Honneur, surrounded by two buildings that each accommodate a Chanel pop-up. From a retail design perspective, these temporary retail spaces are a first for the iconic fashion house. This is partly due to the fact that modifying the historic premises obviously is off-limits – well, would you actually revamp a setting this grand? So each space has been left in its untouched state, featuring exposed stone walls encased in glass and flooring made from resin to resemble corten steel.

Further enhancing the chosen aesthetic are black linear clothes rails, matching displays in mesh metal, and wooden console tables mounted on glass supports. The first building on the left presents Chanel’s ready-to-wear collections and the accessories across a single floor of 127 sqm. [1,367 sq.ft.]. The second pop-up space, situated right next door, measures a compact 37 sqm. [398 sq.ft.], and boasts a setting that intentionally resembles an artist’s studio. Pierced with a window, it’s home to chanel’s shoe collection. The two pop-up stores will remain open through the end of May 2017

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