Monday Consulting office by PARAT, Hamburg – Germany

December 12th, 2016 by retail design blog

PARAT has created a new office space for the Hamburg IT consultancy company Monday Consulting. Featuring work stations, conference rooms, and various other functional areas, the floor plan brings together spaces for communication with places for concentration. The space has been conceived to absorb staff increases effortlessly, offering sizeable potential for densification.

The central meeting point in the space is the lounge in the entrance area. The overall concept is geared towards maximum flexibility so that a full range of events can be staged: every piece of furniture is mounted on wheels and lights are hung on sliding ceiling rails. The core element is a mobile seating stand with a screen integrated into the rear and storage space for a games console.

With 700m2 (7500ft2) of floor space, there are a range options for workers who need to speak on the phone, work in a group, or concentrate alone, including think-tanks, three conference rooms, and relaxed seating areas. Desk islands are separated from each other by high-boards greened with living plants.

Changing floor coverings are used to zone the space and indicate specific areas, with the colours used harmonised to the existing corporate design of Monday Consulting. The character code on the walls was developed by EIGA Design, while large-format graphics extend across several areas, bringing them together to unify the space as a whole.

Interior Design: PARAT
Corporate Design and Wall Graphics: EIGA Design
Photos: Andreas Meichsner

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  1. Extraordinary furniture.. Looks cool. 🙂

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