Optik Külling by Heikaus, St. Gallen – Switzerland

December 19th, 2016 by retail design blog

Optik Külling presents its high-quality eyeglasses in a new store design on 175 sqm. The generous store is located on the ground floor of a historical building right in the inner city of St. Gallen. The specialist dealer’s customers will find an innovative and unique design concept there, in which they are received at a monumental black cash desk placed in front of a refined natural stone wall of Ceppo di Gré, a sediment rock. A narrow glass segment offers a peek into the workshop where the optician plies his trade. Külling deliberately opens itself up this way to give customers trusting transparency.

This unique interior design sets the specialist apart from his industry competitors. Optik Külling is presented as a brand of its own. The sales room inspires with its warm living-room atmosphere that invites to get comfortable and linger. The store furnishing relies on a world of warm colours with black, grey, brown and metallic shades. Together with the large, room-high graphic, they produce a convincing and harmonious play of colours.

The store design takes up the rounded shape of the glasses that is reflected in many building and design elements. The two facing display walls present glasses in metallic-look cylinders, creating a kind of wall mosaic that dissolves with the arrangement of the tubes towards the shop window. The cylinders are of different sizes, colours and shapes, open or closed, which makes the walls appear like reliefs. The rear wall of the store is carefully segmented by room-high bronze mirrors. Separating cabinet walls that compliment this colour with their black MDF offer storage space. They conceal the side rooms that are kept in white with accents of metal-gloss wallpaper in a retro loop and metallic-shade fabrics.

The consulting islands are located in the middle of the sales area. Grouped seats are enclosed by bronze glass windows to offer discretion. The ceiling with its customised lighting system is an essential design element. The round shape was taken up again and the relief-like design was continued. The lamps used can be dimmed separately to additionally increase the relief effect and skilfully stage the play of heights and depths. Optik Külling skilfully combines interior design and shop design. The comfortable lounge corner with Mid-Century furniture perfectly completes the optician’s store design.

Design/planning: HEIKAUS Concept GmbH
Project management/execution: HEIKAUS AG
Sales area: 175 sqm
Lighting: Professional Retail Light, Licht + Design, XAL
Images @ Külling

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