Spazio CEDIT by Florim Ceramiche Spa, Milan – Italy

December 26th, 2016 by retail design blog

Ceramiche d’Italia opens the first “Spazio” dedicated to its new collections at Foro Buonaparte 14, in Milan. Three large windows will be alongside the Flagship Store of Florim Ceramiche, that chose the city of Milan as the stage for the brand relaunch on the international scene last April.

The culture of beauty, art, architecture and design – which have always been an integral part of CEDIT’s DNA – stars in the showrooms that make up the “Spazio CEDIT”, conceived and created to offer the visitor an enthralling experience, in an atmosphere packed with references to the company’s history and the signs through which it is expressed and defined.

The new “Spazio” gives concrete form to the project’s renewed identity, now recounted by means of the first six ceramic covering collections styled by the leading names in contemporary Italian art, architecture and design. A creative hub for design, style and new trends, Milan is once again the ideal setting for Florim’s investments, and the “Spazio CEDIT” confirms the company’s determination to strengthen its bonds with design professionals working in the field of high-end interior design.

On two levels with a total floor area of over 200 square meters, the new “Spazio CEDIT” maintains the same stylistic identity as the Fiorano Modenese showroom, both constructed to an architectural design by Turin firm BRH+. The ground floor is intended to house specific installations which will succeed each other over time, exhibiting the various contents of CEDIT’s experimental design work in unusual ways.

On the basement floor, the ceramic slabs in the various collections will be displayed using an original, highly expressive form of the mock-up concept, with a sequence of spaces with multimedia inputs, which can be accurately reproduced in a variety of contexts.

Design: Florim Ceramiche Spa
Photography: Vanni Borghi

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