Storri Luxury Vinyl collection by Parterre

January 22nd, 2017 by retail design blog

Parterre Flooring Systems introduces a new preview collection to join alongside its current luxury vinyl and resilient sheet flooring collections. A gathering of design inspiration from stories untold, the patterns within Storri embrace cultural values from diverse environments. Both original designs, the two new introductory designs, combined, offer 11 color options. Balancing out the collection with a wood and stone look, designs Kennett and Madal draw from the cultural experiences and the stories that go unheard.

The aged, reclaimed wood-look design of Kennett comes from the farming houses, transformed by Mother Nature, used to cultivate the growth of mushrooms in Kennett Square, PA. Madal’s design story on the other hand, draws inspiration from another area of the world. Named for a type of Nepali drum used for rhythm keeping, Madal gets its stone-like design from the intricate detail of a third generation drum often used for playing music and celebrating life’s events.

“Eclectic and industrial, Storri’s designs work well in a variety of interior spaces,” said designer Roche Fitzgerald. “Madal’s neutral stone look is perfect for any industry, whereas Kennett works especially well in hospitality and retail settings, for both floor installations as well as feature wall installations.” The flexibility of luxury vinyl also allows for Kennett and Madal colors and patterns to be mixed and matched with additional Parterre flooring designs for the ultimate customized installation.

To fully showcase their patterns, both products are offered in their own unique sizes. Kennett is available in a wide plank size of 7.25” x 48” x 3 mm, and Madal is offered in a multi-sized format consisting of 12” x 12” x 3 mm and 12” x 24” x 3 mm tiles, which are meant to be mixed together during installation. Available in a commercial construction, products in the Storri Luxury Vinyl collection have the quality of craftsmanship that Parterre is known for.

Utilizing hot press technology, Storri luxury vinyl has a sturdy construction with its multiple layers of backing that are fused together to create a tighter bond for a more stable product all around. Like all of Parterre’s luxury vinyl tile products, Storri flooring features an ultra-clear, high-performance wear layer that is easy to maintain and has a resistance to staining and scuffing. The result is a beautiful floor that is both long lasting and durable.

Design: Parterre

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