Squarespace Office by A+I, New York City

January 25th, 2017 by retail design blog

A+I has developed the new offices of all-in-one website creation platform Squarespace located in New York City. With approx. 100,000 SF, the new Squarespace Headquarters span three full floors, a roof deck, and an expansive ground-floor lobby/event space, in the historic Maltz Building – a manufacturing hub in the Printing House District throughout the mid-20th century.

A+I conducted a 3-month workplace strategy exercise which informed and optimized the architectural designs. The goal was to create an environment in which creativity, comfort, and collegiality could coexist, while allowing employees to effortlessly pivot between individual and collaborative work modes. A+I was committed to translating the Squarespace brand into a highly functional, elegant workplace that represents the same sophistication as the company’s product.

Honoring Squarespace’s aesthetics, the A+I design refrains from using color – depth, texture and warmth are created by the use of natural materials such as polished concrete floors and custom concrete workstations, wood slats as wall treatment along the main circulation paths, leather benches, and walnut accents. Squarespace and A+I were committed to creating sophisticated spaces that strike a balance between workspace and hospitality experience.

The multi-functional entry lobby that features rotating art installations (currently in collaboration with Sperone Westatwer), the library, the roof terrace, and the 12th floor panorama bar offer space to work, collaborate, relax, and socialize in an elegant environment.

Design: A+I
Photography: Magda Biernat


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  1. Wow !!! great that everything of this office is in the square shape I also want to apply this kind of theme.

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