Razorfish office by Bruzkus Batek, Berlin – Germany

January 29th, 2017 by retail design blog

In the historic “Eierspeicher” building on the northern bank of the Spree river in Osthafen, Berlin, Bruzkus Batek architects have undertaken the redesign and spatial conception of international firm Razorfish’s 2500 sq.m. office space. Linked via pre-existing staircases, the co-working hub occupies two floors and the elements of the renovated design enclose the building structure without disturbing its integral character. The minimalist concept by Bruzkus Batek results in an greatly effective design, with sensibly chosen materials and surface treatments, thanks to the use of oriented strand board (OSB) which provides a cheerful and exciting new space. At the reception area, the central counter offers a better visual contact between staff and visitors arriving at the Razorfish hub.

The meeting room is enhanced via a cladding of long vertical wooden slats in a natural finish — creating a level of privacy that still connects to the rest of the space. Meanwhile, the staircase at the centre of the first floor is coated in a bright yellow finish that breaks up the more neutral tones of the design. Underneath the staircase is an extensive book shelving, giving a homey and familiar buzz to the professional setting. The upper floor houses the actual offices, with renewed desks constructed out of light metal framing and OSB surfaces — lending a sense of airiness to the productive zone. The kitchen features a large freestanding counter with seating spots, inviting communication between staff as they enjoy their food.

Along the food quarter is a second, wider staircase cladded in OSB and transformed into a novel podium-like seating area that becomes the centrepiece for meetings when all 80 employees are present. When staff wishes to leave their desks, the tea house atmosphere of the white room is a great setting with adaptable and varied soft furniture that provide comfort and informal working experiences. The flexibility of OSB helps facilitate varying accents with the different finishes used, while the anti-lock braking system (ABS) on the lined edges makes each space different by providing dynamic contrasts. Finally, brushed stainless steel and an integrated green wall provide an interesting mix of industrial and natural tones.

Design: Bruzkus Batek


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