Marriott Charles de Gaulle Hotel by Virserius Studio, Paris – France

February 2nd, 2017 by retail design blog

This hotel is one of the upscale options located near Charles de Gaulle international airport. The general manager for Marriott CDG had previously worked with Virserius Studio during the renovations for another Marriott property, Marriott Rive Gauche, back in 2014. When he moved to Marriott CDG and the space needed renovation, V/S was among the firms asked to bid on the project. Virserius Studio was secured to revitalize the pre-function area, sales office, meeting rooms and ballrooms. A major challenge from the outset was time: Marriott has already had a big event scheduled that they had to have the renovation completed for; it had been planned months in advance based on the concepts that were shown to the client.

The project began in January 2016, with construction completed the second week in September. Design, development, purchasing and construction took 8.5 months. The second challenge for this project was money. Given the strict budget, Virserius Studio had to be very resourceful, while the end result still had to retain its aesthetic integrity. Only lighting went over budget. There were several keys to the project’s timely completion and success. First, the GM was very enthusiastic and involved and interested and driving change who is a great advocate for this to be an exciting result.

The second was the parallel process, bidding out the project very early. Virserius Studio collaborated with firms with whom they enjoyed longstanding partnerships, which made a significant difference. The contractor, Voecker, who V/S worked with on the award-winning Le Campus in 2014, was on board immediately and was able to quickly bring on a team to source materials. Sam & Kate, who also worked on another recent project, Big Easy Winebar & Grill in Durban, South Africa, were instrumental in seeing Marriott CDG’s vision come to fruition.

These relationships meant that communication was effortless, there was alignment on project goals, and sound solutions and compromises were made without sacrificing the strength of the design. Among the hotel’s highlights is the custom-made furniture and flooring, all designed by Virserius Studio specifically for the Marriott Charles de Gaulle. The ocean of lamps in the ceiling of the pre-function area, comprising lighting spheres of varying sizes, bring an element of surprise. The strong architectural elements from wall to ceiling were conceived to break the length of the space. Notable in the meeting rooms are the neutral-colored walls with writable spaces, contrasted by the black with the orange chairs.

Design: Virserius Studio
Photography: Kaan Sensoy / Magic Eye Studios

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