Histoire d’Or store by Intangibles, Paris – France

February 8th, 2017 by retail design blog

The first jeweler in France with 350 stores in shopping centers and city centers, Histoire d’Or has renovated its emblematic store at 86 rue de Rivoli in Paris, accompanied by the design agency Intangibles. With an expanded offering and innovative services, the brand wants to go further in the experience offered to its customers while reaffirming the values that have made it successful: the jewel for all. The agency Intangibles has reworked the architectural concept while respecting both the red identity and the codes inspired by the universe of luxury that are found in all points of sale of Histoire d’Or.

The elegant Haussmannian façade, completely restored, features blinds and neat lighting. Monumental entrance doors have been specially designed for the place. The windows showcase the latest collections in stelae, also specially designed for the occasion. We discover an offer for all styles and all occasions, adapted to all budgets. A second entry was created on Rivoli Street, facilitating access to the point of sale and providing more natural light, for a flagship that is both more comfortable and more connected with its environment. A mirror set provides a real sense of space.

The shop is thus transformed into a true gallery of ice creams that sublimates the offer and the windows.•The entire inner periphery of the point of sale is worked with sculpted and lacquered panels, forming a graphic casket, subtly illuminated, the wide choice offered by the watch and jewellery ranges is enhanced. A structuring and dark ceiling accentuates the lighting of the showcases and the products. But the revolution is certainly on the side of innovations. Indeed, Histoire d’Or invents a connected store and services adapted for a renewed jewel experience.

Because it is phygital of which one speaks: subtle balance between physical and digital commerce, whose sole objective is to improve, always and again, the satisfaction of the customer. At the entrance, a rotunda atrium invites you to discover the brand’s collections and the novelties. Sublime products at affordable prices, highlighting the assumed bias of the brand: the jewel accessible to all. This space is surmounted by luminous rings and the monogram of the sign, conceived as elements of identity.

Screens, whose content management is centralized in real time, pace and energize the periphery of the point of sale, sometimes enhancing the know-how of the workshop, sometimes showing new collections, or highlighting The news of the moment. The most innovative experience is in the jewellery bar. Equipped with an interactive table and a dedicated showcase, the latter offers the possibility of personalizing its jewelry: a brand new service that enriches the customer experience, both in-store and online, since it is also accessible from website.

But innovation does not end there. A service of engraving and photoengraving makes it possible to visualize its creation directly and to order it. Notable advantage of this store, the creation of the customer visualized virtually can be created live thanks to the on-site workshop. A workshop of jeweler / jeweler directly connected to the service area showcases the know-how and tools of the craftsman. It makes it possible to carry out on the spot all types of work of adjustment, maintenance and repair of the jewels, but also, the immediate manufacture of the creations of the jewelry bar.

Design: Intangibles

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