K Lamp by Vitamin

February 14th, 2017 by retail design blog

Clean lines and a strong silhouette characterise K Lamp, a design that was borne out of British product design brand Vitamin’s desire to develop a lamp with a crisp, ceramic form. Chris and Andy Vernall designed the lamp in two halves, a cone-like base and a curved, pyramidal shade. The two main ceramic components interact to conceal all fixtures, including the LED lightbulb, which can still be easily reached. Running down the back of the base and under the shade, the power cable falls in a natural curve as it hits the surface the lamp is on. The shade is designed so that it gently reflects light, diffusing glares and creating a dispersed glow that functions perfectly as an ambient light.

Available in two finishes — terracotta and earthenware — K Lamp is an example of unique yet simple design. For instance, the raw outer finishes evoke a natural feel and serve to draw further attention to the traditional materials and techniques used. On the other hand, the light emitted by the concealed lightbulb is reflected by the glazed inner surface.

Vitamin developed a series of card and 3D printed models in the studio and explored form, scale, materials and colours during the prototype stage, before arriving at the final design, which has the same silhouette that was evident since the early sketching phase. Having also studied different means of production, the designers chose slip-cast, a technique created in the eighteenth century for the mass production of pottery and ceramics, to develop the iconic table lamp.

Creating a product that combines traditional techniques with contemporary forms, K Lamp is the result of the designers’ wish to produce simple, functional and creative designs that are influenced by their close-knit relationships with small-scale craftsmen and manufacturers.


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