Residence Berghof Hotel by UniversalProjekt, Badhof Gastein – Austria

February 28th, 2017 by retail design blog

As an internationally present one stop provider of everything related to interior design and shop fitting UniversalProjekt already has a great reputation for producing exceptionally creative concepts both commercial and residential. It comes as no surprise that when embarking in the remodelling and reconstruction of the newest and most innovative residential project in the exclusive skiing town of Bad Hofgastein in the Austrian Alps, the results were sure to surpass expectations.

Only 2 minutes away from the city centre – the Residence Berghof offers exclusive living in the beautiful and scenic Gastein Valley. The elegant façade of the building together with wonderfully carved balconies is sure to make its guests relax in a peaceful and quiet oasis surrounded by a picture-perfect landscape nestled in the middle Gastein Mountains. When designing its sample home interiors – the upmost importance was placed in the selection of high-end materials such as hardwood floors and natural stone coverings.

All finishes and details were executed under the highest standards of quality to ensure the serene and pristine vibes from the Bad Hofgastein landscape transcend to the apartment’s interiors. On the early stages of concept design it became clear that the style path was to gain space while creating a special “retreat like” experience that could really make an impression. Overall the feeling of creating an informal yet elegant space with the traditional “Alp-warmth” feel prevails.

Crips and clean looking material and surfaces dominate throughout the space in order to create a sense of tranquillity and elegance. Yet a sense of modernity is given by innovative and sleek looking light fixtures together with rich and warm fabrics. The use of a sophisticated color palette creates the feeling of a bright and open space that still feels comfortable and cozy.

Design: UniversalProjekt

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