Square Sconce lighting by LightArt

March 3rd, 2017 by retail design blog

Seattle, WA – LightArt is excited to introduce a new series of shapes and colors to their Sconce collection: the Square Sconce. The new contemporary fixtures feature a low, slim profile and a unique play on color that will surely become the focal point of any space. In addition to the new square shape, which is a first for the Seattle lighting company, the Square Sconce also offers a compelling new light feature utilizing color and LEDs to create an alluring lighting experience.

Using LightArt’s signature diffuser capabilities and 250+ color options, clients can create bold and beautiful wall applications. In addition to the countless colored shade options, the Square Sconce collection also comes with a new custom opaque shade option. The glow from the white solid-state LEDs reflects off the colored interior shade onto the surface creating a stunning color display. With this new Sconce collection, LightArt has effectively figured out a way to radiate an illusion of color without altering the light source or changing the color of the room.

The ultra thin-gauge, lightweight shade material (made from 3form’s Varia Ecoresin) allows the LED’s to shine and draw attention to the light display, which can match a particular aesthetic, act as a wayfinding tool or reinforce a brand identity and exude personality. The shades come in 8 standard colors including LightArt’s favorite woods and hundreds of additional colors available from the extensive 3form color library. As for function, the new sconce collection is an incredibly versatile light source providing ambient, task, accent and wall washing lighting.

The small size of the sconce gives designers the ability to control the lighting effect, which varies greatly from space to space. A single sconce can be used for accent lighting while a pair of sconces can create brighter ambient lighting and add symmetry. The straight lines seen in the square complement the simplicity of wall shapes while lighting the wall in an even arcing pattern. On a larger scale, a series of sconces can break up a blank wall while providing illumination and creating a colorful wall-washing effect – ideal for more narrow spaces like hallways and stairwells.

A uniform sequence of stream-lined shapes beautifully illuminates modern interiors such as hotels, hospitals, and office buildings. Each Sconce has a white backplate that mounts to a standard junction box in a wall. A 0-10V dimming compatibility and 3000K, 81 CRI with a 120-227V input. The fixtures are available with a 3-8 week lead time and feature UL compliant components with a 5 year limited warranty.

Design: LightArt

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