Nomad Retail Design & Brand Comms by Mynt, Manchester – UK

March 7th, 2017 by retail design blog

To refresh, rejuvenate & reposition Nomad travel & the travel clinic within their new store format in Manchester. To create your inspirational travel destination before you start the journey to your next destination. Nomad are the travel authority for what you’ll need, wherever you’re going – from travel tips and advice delivered direct from our staff experts and enthusiasts, to our travel clinic for the vaccinations & jabs you need to keep you safe, healthy and protected while you’re away from home.

Our first floor arrival area featured a combination of updatable staff & customers travel images, encouraging our Nomad community to share their experiences & stories. The new graphic communication links Nomad with the destinations, “Be Nomad ready” reinforces our position of being your trusted travelling companion. Staff travel advisers are on-hand to “talk travel” as our in-store call centre sits at the heart of the arrival zone.

Tactile & contrasting textures and finishes, incorporating reclaimed travel props add personality and warmth, whilst our large format world map dominates the entrance to the basement, linking to the jungle inspired foliage guiding customers into the retail area & clinic rooms. We introduced a Nomad team board, with each Nomad adventurer revealing their unique travel experiences, to help build our position of being the travel authority with an engaging and conversational style.

The central medical kit table showcases our bespoke ranges – we’re not “one size fits all”, instead, our offer considers where you’re going & what you’ll need with our team on-hand to advise. Each retail bay then frames & features the product ranges into easy to navigate pods incorporating a corrugated steel backdrop to reference those rustic & “off-grid” travel experiences.

Within the reception area we incorporated a low tech interactive cork board to plug-in your travel route while you’re waiting for appointment so you can share, inspire and link-up with our Nomad community. The new store concept is planned to roll-out across the retail estate through 2017. You know where you’re going. We know what you’ll need.

Design: Mynt Design

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