721 Tonkatsu Restaurant 2 by Golucci International Design, Shanghai – China

March 8th, 2017 by retail design blog

Pasture of Happiness, a kind and pleasant name, is a young brand that was founded in 2012. Facing the busy crowd in metropolis, the boss wants to open a restaurant of happiness for customers. Depending on the connotation of the brand, Golucci Interior Architects creates a pasture to produce “Happiness” and he hopes that this restaurant can become a quiet corner in the tumultuous big city of Shanghai. By the restaurant plan, we can easily find that the dining area is divided into two types to satisfy different needs.

Anyone or two people for a working meal, or trios four people for a dinner after shopping, Happiness Pasture is always a good choice for guests. In addition, there are 18 out of 30 places located outside restaurant to offer a special experience. The designer chose the image of the European barn to express the meaning of Pasture of Happiness. In ancient times, the barn represents the quality of life and development of the city, and it is also a reflection of the sense of happiness because people took the barn to store the food of life.

The style of the restaurant conforms to European pasture with plenty of board and wooden square on the facade. Even the traditional wooden roof is applied over the dining area. Except for the wooden decoration, the external facade is used massively of the glass material and the glass doors are particularly attractive. The choice of glass makes the space quite modern and agile. In addition, the doors give the use value to the restaurant, either they close like the doors or they open like screens to add privacy between the customers.

For interior decoration, the designer has filled the wooden storage shelving on the wall with plants and cups to create a European farm ambience. For space design, the designer thinks that the client’s mental element is prior to the physical one, especially in metropolis such as shanghai. Diet is not only a physical behavior, but also a mental reflection. The designer hopes that guests can enjoy the environment at the restaurant and feel happiness at the same time as they take delicacies.

Design: Golucci International Design

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