Pasabahce showroom by Demirden Design, Istanbul -Turkey

March 10th, 2017 by retail design blog

Smiling in the midst of an enchanting glitter… Touching a calm water surface… Becoming a partner to the dreams of glass masters… Designed and produced by Demirden Design, the Pasabahce showroom embraces life with windows of emotion: sincere, simple and inspiring… It breathes with the excitement of every single moment… We first encounter the 4 m high translucent façade consisting of smoked glass, on which the reflection of the interior is seen and the special touch that symbolizes the change is processed. The façade, which provides effective communication by customizing itself within its architectural structure, offers an innovative and welcoming reception.

The showroom, with its massive wooden door at the entrance, is designed with a ceiling system that deepens the 5.5 m height and the glorious structure furthermore. The glass-lined high-wall system differentiates various product groups and supports the rhythm of the space. The video installations in the upper plane representing emotional stops, create and innovative and effective exhibition design. The abstract video placements that relate to the product groups make a strong impact with their large dimensions and turn the exhibition design into a sincere, welcoming experiment.

Sometimes one will feel lost in a kaleidoscope, touching a calm water surface, and sometimes will feel enlightenment through reflections of glass. The cocktail area is the first stop of the journey, inviting the visitors to the magical world of crystal with brass shelf brackets in linear forms and bevel-cut angled mirrors. A glass of champagne accompanied by a pleasant music? Why not! With antiquated copper pipes and giant acid mirrors, the beer section takes visitors to a tasting journey in the world of old breweries and pubs.

The tea section draws attention to Paşabahçe’s deep-rooted history and expertise of tea with its graphic design consisting of different tea glasses. The bar consisting of natural materials such as iron and marble, is positoned in the center and invites the visitors to a delightful break. Watching the video about harmony will make anyone feel good while taking a sip of coffee at the bar. For the effective use of daylight, the meeting spaces are positioned in areas where the showroom encounters outer space. The vertical pergola system, specially designed for meeting areas and made of 4 m high colored glass plates, creates an elegant curtain effect.

This structure, which allows the light to infiltrate magically inside, resembles a reed bed and offers a relaxed and natural meeting environment. What do you say you become partners in the dreams of glass masters? The impressive installation of hand-crafted glass globes of various sizes takes on a façade function. It offers a fairy-tale experience in the combination of craft and art. The new showroom rests timeless with a sincere relationship with the visitors, displaying hundreds of products lean and strong, reflecting the glass world in an inspiring plane through video installations.

Design: Demirden Design

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