JTI Office by TTT architects, Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

March 22nd, 2017 by retail design blog

TTT architects has designed the new offices of big tobacco company JTI, located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. From the starting point in Japan, JTI has become a global company with headquarter in Geneva, Switzerland, and been famous for many of well-known cigarette brands from Europe, Asia and The North of America… During their development process, JTI also creates for themselves their own empire with the diversity in culture.

That is the reason why the most striking design idea that we want to express in this project is the exquisite blending between rustic & simple philosophy of Japanese and the versatile and efficient philosophy of Western, especially the Nordic region. Moreover, the oriental elements that specifically Japan – where the enterprise’s foundation was, are chosen to exploit and emphasize in our main soul of design such as Origami Art or Japanese traditional gardens.

From our study to the trends of working and act nowadays, we have attempted to create an uncommon space (informal) in the common space of the working zone to optimize and balance the staffs’ adaptation of the space during the operation time. The last but most important is the message that JTI would like to emphasize to the community “design destined to humanity” – their desire to bring to their staffs a sustainable workspace with the sustainability shown in materials, lightings, and utilities.

Design: TTT architects
Photography: Harry Ng


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