Gigamon Office by Area Sq, Reading – UK

March 30th, 2017 by retail design blog

Area Sq has designed the new offices of software company Gigamon, located in Reading, England. Following a lease event for network visibility and traffic monitoring vendor, Gigamon, relocated to a larger UK headquarters to support their expanding European operation. Working closely with the client, Area Sq were tasked with providing a modern workplace, which supports a new way of working, provides better breakout facilities and enhances collaboration amongst teams. To create a more agile work environment, whilst working within the existing framework of the building and some of the remaining partitions, zoned areas have been designed to help keep teams together and enhance collaboration.

A variety of work settings including a work-lounge hub, a central touchdown locker station, a large breakout space, and bench-type seating for informal meetings, have been installed to provide sufficient facilities for Gigamon’s large mobile sales division and the various teams who use the space. Following a request for the server lab to be relocated to the reception area, one key challenge was to ensure the room was soundproof.

Area Sq provided an appropriate acoustic solution to ensure the visitor experience wasn’t disrupted. Having worked with the client on two previous projects, Area Sq’s existing relationship with the client meant Gigamon were receptive to the quirky design aspects which were suggested. Gigamon’s new workplace has some fantastic new design features including Bolon flooring, bespoke joinery elements, pendant lighting, a feature ceiling, and a unique furniture solution.

Design: Area Sq

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