Cenerelli Parquet store by STUDIO_A+D, Calcinelli di Saltara – Italy

April 13th, 2017 by retail design blog

Cenerelli Parquet is a parquet and laminated resale that’s why the store is designed as a set of spaces and situations that allow the wood become the main protagonist. A longitudinal path formed by winding strips of light wood accompanies visitors inside. Immediately on the right sort of living room surrounded by a luxurious parquet with a herringbone pattern unexpectedly climbs the wall and even the ceiling.

A smoked glass separates the living room from the office area featuring by tables regularly hanging from the ceiling and by a library behind with a strong sculptural character. The central table by pure form conceals sophisticated soul. On the left there is a sort of black box characterized by a fully reflective supporting surface and illuminated by several lamps with a retro taste.

This is the place where you can see new materials and it is also the place where the customer experiences the emotional phase, in which viusalizes the result of their choices using immagination. The staircase that rises to “infinity” is just that, going beyond the imagination. This space also delimits the showcase area made of triangular shape, resulting from the particular local conformation.

Fully glazed it becomes, especially at night, the focal point of the store. In the bottom of the path there is the technical area to view materials and finishes. But there is more than a mere resale, there is the story of a family, of a craftsman who, full of experience and enthusiasm, offers the purchaser, in addition to an excellent high quality Italian products, experience and professionalism.

All this had to be strongly communicated by the project that has grown very easily thank to the virtue of the great craft potential that we had available. We knew that he would never surrender before any technical realization obstacle. All this has allowed us to explore and often improvise in the construction and manufacturing phase many stylistic choices, exploring rugged trails.

We drove and we were guided to a new direction, where our professionalism has been made available for the ‘”artisan contractor” which unchanged choices and decisions remained in the project as a sign and presence of a spontaneous and primitive culture, creating a kind of symbiosis with the most difficult and valuable choices made by us.

Every thought or idea was experienced with almost adolescent enthusiasm or as a challenge in which no one wanted to disappoint each other. The idea of creating a metaphysical “vertical living room” was almost an provocation accepted and executed without problems, and now it is the focal point of the store, the showcase, well in sight to the visitor that wonder before entering what else you can expect inside.

Design: STUDIO_A+D
Photography: Andrea Mariotti / STUDIO_A+D

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