Wall Sculptures by Xuan Chen

April 15th, 2017 by retail design blog

When your parents name you after the Chinese ink-brush Xuan paper, it seems inevitable that you would grow up to be an artist. For Xuan Chen however, it wasn’t until she was finishing up her engineering degree at UC Berkeley that she forayed into the world of art by sneaking into the school’s Art Practice department.

Now, she creates abstract artworks that play with the concepts of light, space, movement, and color. Chen’s series Light Matter, Light Threads, Screens, Screens II, and Painting Light draws from influences including the California Light and Space Movement and Color Field abstraction.

Her iPad sized wall sculptures consist of layers painted from digitally constructed images. Using spatial arrangements, surprises of light, bright digital colors and geometric shapes, Chen invites you to view her art from different angles and examine the intimate relation between space and you.

Design: Xuan Chen


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