T.LOFT Experience Museum by CM design, ShenZhen – China

May 3rd, 2017 by retail design blog

Village in the city – city in the village: Urban village in Shenzhen as a product of the rapid development from rural area to mega city, and in the era of the planned economy system urban and rural conflict it is also a fusion product of market economy and planned economy, high density residential environment is carrying many people’s dream when they firstly arrived Shenzhen. Therefore, urban village is also an important part of city development and ecological balance. Futian village is a typical urban village in Shenzhen. It is located in the east of Futian District, to the north is the popular digital shopping district, Huaqiang North, to the South is Huanggang area.

This project is located in east side of Fuxiang street which is the important commercial street in Futian village, large number of people from “Huan Qing Cultural Square” are gathering to accelerate the development and upgrade of existing commercial street shop. How to promote the transformation of the original single commercial street to the multi-functional integrated business model, so as to create more opportunities in the diverse environment? Our strategy is to transplant the spatial form of different scales to strengthen the functional structure of the community.

To place the diversified strategies of three-dimensional space to create multiple variations of life situation of village complex mode to accommodate, so that people from different regions, and then provide maximum opportunities for exchange, the interaction of multiple scenarios, in order to form a full of attractive and unique “city in village.” With the attribute of city space and architectural space existing features, we changed the originally closed and immutable and frozen store image, to maximize the display of internal space, not only broke the unitary block elements form of the shop, but also built a key node which can interact with public activities in plaza.

It is also a continuation of large-scale outdoor activities more than to expand indoor small cultural activities. We construct “space system co-existence” to complete the grafting on the village highly inclusive “city symbiosis” of the social system, new spatial form implanted into the “space system co-existence” in the premise of keep integrity of original spatial structure and skin texture, the tremendous contrast between metal coated aluminum plate sandwich blend space and original wall texture forms, the concept emphasizes the importance of symbiosis blend of old and new, harmonious space.

The first floor space is for the public area and open reception area, flexible spatial arrangement satisfies the daily food and beverage use can be derived the exhibitions, salons, lectures, film screenings, fashion show and other diverse types of space. The second floor space is divided into a number of functional attributes of independent space, a collection of books, games room, studio, office, lounge and other functions, to provide a differentiated composite space for diversity demand.

We expect to excite urban village life and new business development mode in diverse understanding and imagination through from the project, more social, artistic and public ideas are found and to rethink the meaning and value of life in the urban village.

Design: CM design
Photography: Zhi Xia


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