FlaHalo Office by Narration, Shenzhen – China

May 5th, 2017 by retail design blog

Inherent as genre, symbol, element, is meaningless but drift apart people and the space. Thus, we logically concern about as usual the relationship between people and what they might sense in the space. To consider each scenes might happen inside is what we done to define the space which is more than a working space. We care about the stories trigger by people and it might be irrelevant to work, you might be a friend, a brother, a mate, a barista, a florist, a patissier or even a makeup artist.

People are allowed to reach other sides of theirselves apart from work and make it one. The office is renovated from Nanxing Glass Manufactory, built in 1986 but the unreasonable length-width ration is not adaptable as a working space. Therefore constant corridors and entrances reform the space and the linkage brings up the only route, meanwhile contributes to reinforce spatial layers, which meant to effervesce unexpected pleasure when people exploring the space.

Speaking of texture, we try to save most of the original materials like red bricks, concrete ceiling, and combined with futuristic glass and epoxy floor paint to remain vivid and long-lasting contrast between history and renewal.
People meet up in the corridor as a result of the uniqueness route, where is next to main office, divided by curtains to filter unnecessary light. Thus the space presents as bright and dark in two parts, implying moment of static and dynamic and simultaneous comunication and individual concentration.

A big bookshelf develops an interesting relationship in the open office. An extra corridor encourages people to stay for a private moment and begin a chat to someone sit opposite. The tunnel plays as linkage and division. View changes from part to whole as stepping in and out. The blank window frame is reserved deliberately and well protected by glass to completely record the the process of reconstruction. To emphasize the difference between areas, the whole white restroom makes strong distinction to rough industrial atmosphere. The Hollywood dressing table mirror is designed to convey the importance of elegance for ladies.

Flahalo Creative, the owner of the space, is a dynamic and innovative corporation in culture creative field. The concept “space of flow” brings up the project. For human resources system, departments would not exist so that people are encouraged to follow their moods to work around, facing the desktop setup in the long table or sitting cross-legged on the carpet with laptop. Also no drawer is installed in the space. Instead, staffs are provided personal lockers to keep the belongings.

Design: Narration

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