Fedon K11 Art Mall by M2A Design, Tsim Sha Tsui – Hong Kong

May 10th, 2017 by retail design blog

Fedon, inaugurates a new 75 mq flagship store in Hong Kong, at the K11 Art Mall, a very important mall for the City: a crucial spot not only for shopping, but for the blend of arts, nature and people. In fact, K11 is a based on the innovative “museum retail concept”, which transforms the traditional mall into a place where shopping and creativity merge into each other to offer a unique and exclusive consumer experience.

In this culturally and commercially vibrant atmosphere, Fedon presents its collection through a refined design that highlights customer experience, thanks to a special attention to space, lighting and materials. With two entrances at ground floor level, the design wanted to enhance the visibility from both sides creating an open and wide space where natural light can enter and give a beautiful brightness to the interiors and the colorful products showcased.

Fedon it’s now a leading Italian designer brand focusing on lifestyle and business oriented products with a strong heritage in leather goods production. The interior design wanted to reflect the iconic spirit of the brand creating a fresh, contemporary and timeless ambience using neutral colors and materials.

Design and photography: M2A DESIGN

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