AstraZeneca Office by FutureSpace, Sydney – Australia

May 16th, 2017 by retail design blog

FutureSpace has designed the offices of pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, located in Sydney, Australia. The modern work place is so much more than being desk bound all day, so FutureSpace developed a unique zone system to give AstraZeneca Australia employees more flexibility and allow for different styles of working.

Through the FutureSpace design, the office gives its employees the option to work in four ‘zones’, with each zone catering to different styles of working and collaborating. Sitting at the same desk all day does not promote productivity, health and wellbeing, or collaboration. However, it is just as troublesome to let employees work wherever they want without having the correct design infrastructure in place. That is why the ‘zones’ are effective.

Each zone was designed to facilitate different styles of working, whether it’s informal chats over coffee, structured team meetings or focused individual work. In addition to the innovative ‘zones’, FutureSpace also created spaces that are comfortable to be in. We achieved this by incorporating features of timber to create warmth, as well as plenty of natural lighting, indoor greenery, and a large home-styled kitchen. It was important that the colours and finishes were fresh, crisp and light and in line the with brand of Astra Zeneca as a Global Pharmaceutical company. The design is based on a global set of workplace guidelines that have been localised to represent the local Australian business.

A palette of greens and blues was selected to complement the surrounding natural bushland, to ‘bring the outdoors in’ blurring the boundaries between inside and outside. The entire palette is aligned with Astra Zeneca’s motto “Follow the Science.”

Design: FutureSpace
Photography: Nicole England

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