Hair Center by Hilit Karsh, Haifa – Israel

May 18th, 2017 by retail design blog

Interior designer Hilit Karsh designed a hair salon, which acts as a hair extensions center, in an impressively large space with a 5 meter high ceiling. The unique interior design takes inspiration from bars and nightclubs. This aesthetic has made the hair salon a part of the local nightlife scene – a surprising space with a prominent, dramatic look. As you enter the salon you feel wowed as you take in both the colors and lights and unusual elements – Ones you wouldn’t typically find in this kind of space.

The interior design includes, in addition to the central space, three VIP rooms with a more minimalistic design – Each one a bit different to the next. The decision to divide the space came from the desire to create hidden spaces for clients looking for a more intimate experience. Another space was designed as a kind of Movie Theater, playing movies that demonstrate the process of creating hair extensions and professional hair straightening. The entrance has a floating black ceiling with a sunken hidden light and colorful LED strips.

This ceiling sets a dramatic tone that introduces the customers to the fashionable nightclub atmosphere. The main space still has the construction poles that were a part of the original building. They were coated in black, with elongated black stripes across the ceiling. This element creates a visual framework for the whole space. To complete the nightclub look, a dramatic black bar with a beer tap was installed as a natural part of the space. The lighting was designed to be both functional and decorative at the same time.

To achieve that, several types of lighting fixtures were incorporated into the space: Hidden lights, sunken lights, colorful (and economical) LED lights as well as two dominant chandeliers made out of aluminum boilers and crystals. This allowed for sufficient lighting for hair styling, as well as adding a dramatic, unique touch that works beautifully with the nightclub look. Interior designer Hilit karsh chose a surprising color scheme that corresponds with the desired nightclub style.

The combination of black, white, purple and blue creates a dramatic combination with interesting, colorful “frames”. The shiny white epoxy floors add subtlety to the overall look to create a more inviting, well-lit space for customers. The overall look is accompanied by elements such as display window mannequins, a stylish bathroom, a sitting area with black leather and more – These elements tie in the interior design for a cohesive look.

Design: Hilit Karsh
Photos: Itay Sikolsky

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2 thoughts on “Hair Center by Hilit Karsh, Haifa – Israel

  1. sachin premi says:

    thanks for sharing this blog. i love the way hilit karsh haifa has designed the center to give a unique as well as luxurious feel to customer inside the center.

  2. Awesome design. This is probably one of if not the best-looking hair salon in Haifa.

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