Scenographic tableau by Edoardo Tresoldi & DesignLab, Abu Dhabi – UAE

May 22nd, 2017 by retail design blog

Edoardo Tresoldi has designed and built a scenographic tableau as the backdrop for a royal event in Abu Dhabi. Using his signature wire mesh material, Tresoldi has sculpted a landscape of monumental architectural objects that engage with natural elements placed throughout. Classical typologies — like colossal columns and dramatic domes — interact with modernist geometries, blending two worlds that exist in both harmony and contrast.

Tresoldi’s wire mesh landscape — which has been created in collaboration with Dubai-based studio DesignLab experience — infills a 7,000 square meter events space in Abu Dhabi. The scenography is envisioned as a garden, where architecture and nature meet. Living trees and greenery become organic interruptions amid the luminous display of meshed material. Using the transparency of the wire as a ‘filter’, Tresoldi cuts the classical sculptures with geometric elements, such as spheres, cubes, and planes. This fusion of classical and modernist languages generates a series of spatial volumes, each creating a continuous evolution of architectural abstractions and ephemeral distortions.

Following its installation at the royal event, various parts of the artworks will be re-installed separately in universities, museums and parks across the UAE capital.

All images © Roberto Conte

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