St. Yves Club by SWATCHROOM, Washington D.C.

May 25th, 2017 by retail design blog

A neighborhood landmark, reminiscent of a Fitzgerald-esque “roaring twenties” fantasy, from the tulle installation – both nostalgic and malleable – to the uniquely classic vestibule with period restored mosaic tile, grand chandelier, and dramatic staircase leading to the second floor, St. Yves is designed to transport guests away from the busy streets just feet behind them. A ballroom style nightclub, the venue is set in a quintessentially Jeffersonian Washington, D.C. space offering a dramatic experience from start to finish. The interior is inspired by the enigmatic and adventurous part of us all that searches for new and exciting experiences in our Nation’s Capital.

Each guest is greeted with a cross-section of fantasy, luxury and fun. The grandeur of the space is anchored by its historic architecture, most notably the soaring 13ft tall arched windows lining the exterior walls. The palette, materials, and patterns of gold and deep navy solidify the finished package. The background of modern opulence is accented with custom tailored booths, art work, discreet details, environmental branding, and bespoke upholstery. Bold and daring design features like the “Gatsby-esque’ back bar accentuate the large curved windows with gold shelving accessories and brass mesh.

The central room column is mirrored on all sides and topped with custom brass chain light fixtures, marrying and highlighting the element. Adjacent to the column, a lenticular image fills the wall using scale and movement to double as art and an interactive exhibit simultaneously. Drawing focus to the private bar ceiling is the soft fine silk, tulle installation that is both wistful and adaptable, contributing heavily to the dream-like environment. F.Scott Fitzgerald noted, “Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures.” St. Yves’ uncompromising attention to detail and flow removes guests from the doldrums of Washington’s typical nightlife to a fanciful yet charming setting for the evening.

Photography: Rey Lopez

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