HKIRC medical center by PAL Design, Hong Kong

May 26th, 2017 by retail design blog

As an oasis of comfort and well-being, this medical centre (HKIRC) offers more than just another beautifying procedure, as each client is pampered with the foremost technologies in cosmetics including tissue engineering and cell therapy in a revitalising journey – both inside and out in a garden of happiness. It all comes down to inspirations from nature. On arriving at its entrance, an interesting mix of lighting fixtures in an open and welcoming layout purposefully guides visitors in a warm palette.

In addition to the honeycomb-like hexagonal lightboxes across its ceiling, the designer recalls the intention to create a forest path with sunlight permeating down through leaves, not dissimilar to the Japanese poetics of komoreb. An “indoor garden” – a concept which continues into its waiting area – thoughtfully prepared for clients as await treatment and medications. A constellation of harmonious elements – from smooth polished surface, transparent partitions to the greenies atop of fixtures – has been juxtaposed against form-fitting lounge sofas where clients can comfortably rest to prepare for their rejuvenating process.

Claustrophobic darkness and sharp edges have been cleverly avoided, especially for each treatment room. Its uninhibited city view has been carefully planned, in addition to having cleanliness and hygiene in mind, for its access to panoramic views. Fulfilling the mission to be “reborn” with the beauty and bliss of youth, the design team has successfully created an environment to open up the experience of clients to be radiant from within to without – bringing together a holistic approach from design to health and well-being.

Designer: Joey Ho (Design Partner of P A L Design Group)
Design Team: Portia Leung
Photographer:Dick Liu

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