LeEco Experience Showroom by CallisonRTKL, Beijing – China

May 29th, 2017 by retail design blog

Located on the first floor of LeEco’s Beijing headquarters, the CallisonRTKL-designed LeEco Experience Showroom touts open access to the company’s most advanced technologies, including the SuperTV, SuperPhone and SuperAuto. The modern space is bright, simple and airy, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows and an open floor plan that allows customers to easily browse and interact with the products. This concise and clean style reflects the brand’s personality and presents the company’s hardware, software, APP and cloud technologies in a clear manner.

The journey begins before the customer enters the space. The showroom’s exterior façade glazing features LeEco’s deconstructed logo screen printed on three layers of glass. The front portion of the showroom focuses on hardware products, and the company’s content is presented on a screen wall that helps drive visitors through the space. A two-story glass atrium toward the back half of the showroom houses the company’s concept car and creates an additional dramatic entry point for the showroom.

A glass-treaded staircase leads visitors to the second-level VIP room which overlooks the showroom’s in-house recording studio. The futuristic layout of LeEco’s showroom projects a perception of luxury and quality. The showroom’s simple, bright white atmosphere pushes the products and content to the foreground, letting them be the hero of the space. The design team created a minimalist space with a stark white palette to keep the design from overwhelming the products and content. Gloss white acrylic panels adorn the walls and wood fixtures, while light gray floor tiles and perforated metal ceiling panels in muted silver add a slight contrast in color.

The wood fixtures covered in gloss white acrylic were specifically designed to be versatile, iconic and simple. They are intended to entice visitors to walk in between the fixtures while interacting with the featured products. During the day, natural light is the most important lighting element of the space. To create drama and enhance the showroom’s futuristic vibe, LED lights were incorporated behind perforated metal ceiling panels that resemble binary patterns. LED panels and spotlights light the streamlined white space and produce a high-tech glow at night.

Designed by CallisonRTKL
Photography by Propaganda Studios

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