APBO cafe by Studio PLP, Bangkok – Thailand

May 30th, 2017 by retail design blog

You are gonna go crazy for this incredibly detailed campfire dessert party themed design by Studio PLP Co., Ltd. Slowly look around the details of the café and vision… you walk into the campfire party in the jungle with the feeling of warm welcome and clean. Shop front : on the right create the partition to make the space inside look special and attractive, can make this space as a vip table as well.

The reflection of balloon lighting decoration, create the front space to be more special. From the back of the shop, you will see the minimal surreal space, imagine the campfire in the forest – the wood left and the lighthouse lamp. Imagine you sit under the two big tree and the leaf about to blown away follow the wind to the grass into the ground.

Designer: studio PLP co., ltd. (by PYPK&TM)

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