Modern Sampran Wangprom Office by Apostrophy’s, Nakhon Pathom – Thailand

May 30th, 2017 by retail design blog

The renovation project for Thai traditional herbal products manufacturer “Wangprom” has been completed by Apostrophys. This place will bring back into 80’s, the origin time of brand “Wangprom” at Sampran district, Nakorn Pathom Province, Thailand by using the local element twist with modern design process and context and then become the main concept “Modern Sampran”

Firstly, the existing 250 square meters hold the compact office has been redesign for more space and meaning. The existing dense wall has been demolished and replaced by steel frame glass, and also the partition which is clear in vision and flexible to organize the interior space in any purposed. Furthermore, the reflected mirror has been use as the leg and the support of the suspended reception counter and meeting table that made the large wooden top seem to be floating in the air and also illusion more space and lightweight.

Then, focusing on material selection and style, the designer avoids to using the modern elements, styles and space design like another trendy office but made it be warm as home because of the brand “Wangprom” in Thai consist of 2 words “Wang” means Palace and “Prom” means Brahma goddess. So, the existing column and beam have been finished by dark wood veneer which inspired from the local palace from 80’s. And, on another side, fresh dark green, the corporate color has been used as the color scheme for wall and fabrication.

There are several hand painting herbal figure, and certificated hang on the dark green wall which tell us the brand image. In addition, another meaningful element; customized wallpaper which illustrated many herbs, the major ingredient of “Wangprom” products was placed in every part in the space even pantry and restroom. As well as the scent of the product from the production line beside this office that highlighted the brand identity harmoniously to the space.

In conclusion, “Modern Sampran, Wangprom Office” can point out that creativity can merge with local business that bring the local brand into global scale. It is the real power of creativity and design that revive the local brand and modernized into the current situation.

Architects: Apostrophy’s
Photographs: Sitthisak Namkham

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