Peretti Italian Deli store by mode:lina architekci, Poznań – Polonia

June 8th, 2017 by retail design blog

Driven by their desire to offer high quality products straight from the Mediterranean region, the ownershave given the inhabitants of Poznań a new unique place dedicated to all Italian cuisine lovers. In Delikatesy Peretti (Peretti Deli), the elegant atmosphere of the new brand and passionate attitude of its owners are reflected in the design of the place.

Using the space of 90 m2 inside a historic tenement house in the district of Jeżyce, Poznań, the architects of the mode:lina™ studio designed a complex of delicatessen, café and space for sommelier workshops. Inspired by the atmosphere and aesthetics of ancient Italian architecture, the designers opted for its most traditional materials, grey stone and natural wood.

The goods sold in the delicatessen play the most important role and are therefore visibly presented in high display cases, with an island in the centre reserved for seasonal products. The wine room is furnished with wooden wine cabinets ideal for storing wine bottles from nearly all over Italy. Arranged in a very clear and accessible way, they make it easy for everyone to find wine from their favourite region.

With high portals leading to each one of them, the delicatessen areas are fused together with the grey stone of the floor smoothly blending in with that of the walls. To contrast the bright neutral colours of the interior, the furniture, lighting and decorative details were made in black.

Design: mode:lina architekci
Photography: Patryk Lewiński

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