Anglepoise Clerkenwell Showroom with Unibox Displays, London – UK

June 14th, 2017 by retail design blog

Iconic lamp design company, Anglepoise, required displays for their new Clerkenwell showroom before the start of a yearly gathering of architects and designers at Clerkenwell Design Week. With less than a month to design and manufacture the units, Anglepoise turned to Unibox, whose experience working with London-based design agencies and UK-based production facilities meant they were the ideal partner to turn this project around on an incredibly tight deadline.

Anglepoise’s collection contains a huge range of sizes, from giant freestanding lamps to small wall-mounted variations, therefore developing a system that could accommodate each size of product was essential.

An important consideration within the design was the modularity of the overall display, as Anglepoise’s showroom space is semi-permanent, meaning the displays needed to adapt to any given space, and disassembled/transported easily.

Being specialists in modular display solutions, Unibox used their design expertise to develop a system that incorporated a custom graphic display method, whilst maintaining modularity.

Using the SOL system, Unibox created 800mm2 sections that allowed larger lamps to be displayed as single items, as well as products being grouped together. Conscious that time was not on their side, Unibox’s design & production team created the structure so that the whole unit could be pre-assembled and delivered in four pre-built sections, which could be connected together once on site.

To ensure each of the graphic panels, which were fixed to a single system channel, aligned correctly, the Unibox design team devised a clever solution that treated the panels like a jigsaw, designing notches that were cut from each panel to join the neighbouring panel. The parts went into production within a week of the initial phone call and all parts were CNC cut to ensure absolute accuracy and precision. Once cut, the four elements were pre-assembled and the remaining kit packaged and shipped to London to be built in situ.

Over the course of 3 ½ weeks, Unibox took a brief for a functional, clean-looking display system, and developed this into a product display suitable for Anglepoise, a high-end design brand at the launch of their new showroom.

Simon Terry, Anglepoise MD commented: “We were really pleased with the overall product quality and aesthetic, this system has helped bring our new London Studio to life. The team at Unibox responded quickly to a demanding brief and were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable throughout. They created a flexible solution that allowed us to show a wide range of Anglepoise product collections including table, wall and pendant framed in a simple and neutral framework that the allowed product to be showcased. We required a system that was robust and freestanding but retained the ability to adapt the layout, enabling us to refresh and update the display on a daily basis when presenting to different customers.”

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