Lotte World Tower Seoul Sky Shop & Sky Cafe by Design BONO, Seoul – Korea

June 24th, 2017 by retail design blog

The dream that you are able to see the sight of Seoul in the sky, the dream came true. How can Seoul be seen on the 123rd floor in A LOTTE WORLD TOWER, SEOUL SKY, that is the first skyscraper in Korea? The design was started with such a curiosity. We start to design with a concept that is containing clear Seoul’s sky and Seoul at sunset. Also, we are trying to put a landscape that changes with the season into space.

After ticketing on B1 (basement level 1), You can take a double-deck elevator called sky shuttle to get to top. It takes only a minute. SKY FRIENDS CAFÉ located on 119th floor is an ice cream shop. By using metallic materials like silver titanium finishing and SUS MIRROR table, we expressed that the cool Seoul sky is being reflected. We tried to show the sky of Seoul, which is constantly changing, to visitors.

There is SEOUL SKY SHOP on the 121st floor motivated by Lotte World Tower. The round shapes of furniture in SEOUL SKY SHOP are designed by motivated of floating cloud shape. The interior materials in this shop such as sus. mirror, white marble and automotive paint are reflect the landscape of Seoul.

After shopping, go up to the 122th from 121st floor through the glass staircase. You will find SEOUL SKY CAFÉ. SEOUL SKY CAFÉ is finished with champagne gold titanium to express the sky in the evening glow. It is the place where you can appreciate the beautiful view of Seoul with a coffee.

The standing table and the built-in sofa provide comfortable space to people where they can see the appearance of Seoul. After seeing the sight on 123th floor, you can find SEOUL SKY SHOP again when you get down to basement level 1 by sky shuttle. This space is composed of finishing materials same with 121th floor.

The wall which is surrounded with round shpe has the motif from the shape of the curve of Lotte World Tower. The table placed in the center is made with SUS MIRROR. It expresses the wave of the shining Han River. You will be able to have experience the new and fun Seoul through cafes and shops at the LOTTE WORLD TOWER.

Design: Design BONO
Photography: YONG-JUN CHOI

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