StethoMe branding by Minima Advertising People

June 27th, 2017 by retail design blog

Minima Advertising People builds a new global brand for StethoMe™ – the future of home health care. StethoMe™ is the first precise medical device for daily use, designed to combine the functions of the stethoscope and the thermometer. It allows for monitoring the respiratory system and measuring the body temperature without the need to leave home. A large number of specialists from the fields of medicine, biophysics, automatic control, coding, acoustics and industrial design were involved in the StethoMe™ development process.

The team created a device that will facilitate doctors’ work and let parents sigh with relief. StethoMe™ will monitor the respiratory system and measure the body temperature, whereupon a dedicated mobile app will collect the results for your doctor. The idea itself is very simple but at the same time revolutionary.

StethoMe™ has already been awarded several prizes, for example at Philips Innovation Challenge, NOKIA Innovation Challenge, infoShare Digital Healthcare Contest 2017, Pioneers Festival 2017 and Hardware Massive CEE 2017. The task undertaken by the Minima Agency was to devise a communication strategy and a visual identity that would make it clear what StethoMe™ is and help to earn the trust of the innovative device future users.

“Our aim was to show that it is possible to use StethoMe™ any time there is a need to check on your child’s health. We all know how easily kids get infected. Now it is possible for mums to monitor their children’s illness every day. No matter if you are at home or on holiday, you can always have StethoMe™ close at hand,” says Anna Szymczak, Managing Director at Minima Advertising People.

Design: Minima Advertising People

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