OASIS veterinary surgical center by Betwin Space Design, Suwon-si – South Korea

June 28th, 2017 by retail design blog

Recently, a number of pet families are increasing constantly, and accordingly, a number of those who want professional diagnosis and treatment of their pets‟ external wounds and diseases is also increasing. Oasis Veterinary Surgical Center is a veterinary clinic for orthopedics and neurosurgery.

Based on the philosophy „to restore function, to save life and to contribute to healthy coexistence of human and animal‟, it performs all about pets from intensive care of serious case and rehabilitation treatment to high level operation. Because it is a clinic specialized for nervous diseases and serious external wounds of joint, spin and fracture, client wanted to create a space to provide trust for customers.

It had to be not a clinic blurring the boundary between pet café and pet shop, but a definite clinic with professionality and authenticity focusing on function and system. Entering the clinic, customers’ eyes are overwhelmed by tone & manner like research room or laboratory.

It boasts its beauty as refined as other commercial spaces, but it strengthened its basis of planning with systematic solution before pursuing beauty. Mies van der Rohe’s “Less is More” and Louis Sullivan’s “Form Follows Function”. Oasis Veterinary Surgical Center reminds of maxims which have showed the essence of modern design.

It established formative beauty of completion for functions and systems with the trust that there are more stories in simpleness. First, its shapes and finishes were chosen considering propensities and behavior patterns of customers’ pet. Tempered concrete floor is selected for maintenance and sanitation, and round corners are made for dogs’ peeing behavior.

Space composition reflects the features of larger dogs, smaller dogs and cats respectively. Ward for larger dogs is completed as double room with front room, because they bark loudly and need wide action radius, and applies water system for efficient disposal of their excretion.

The designer focused only on system in terms of floor planning, and also concentrated on deciding each functional room‟s area and location reasonably. Besides, the designer planned all the processes of treatment to be exposed and produced spatial atmosphere with professionality in order to give the feeling of trust and relief to patients’ owners.

They can observe whole processes naturally such as examination, treatment, hospitalization, operation, rehabilitation treatment and research. Different compositions by rooms form rhythmical massiveness within a space in the consistent tone. With this, Oasis Veterinary Surgical Center which emptied and filled up in a simple method, keeps its spatial identity and plentifulness even though it is completed with same finishing materials.

Design: Betwin Space Design
Photography : Yong-joon Choi

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One thought on “OASIS veterinary surgical center by Betwin Space Design, Suwon-si – South Korea

  1. Elena says:

    I adore Korean design. Always so conceptual approach, compromiseless perfect graphic composition, overall cool and stylish, well thought through to the last detail – all within the main concept. Time for the West to learn, as our design is drawning in pointless eclectic and useless decor…

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