Volterman wallet branding by Backbone Branding

July 11th, 2017 by retail design blog

One of our latest projects Volterman is a new dimension where Backbone Branding decided to bring its design and branding expertise. We wanted to support an innovative idea which will greatly improve the quality of human life. Since, the product is more than just a wallet, so our challenge was to create a brand which will convey the benefits of unique functions and generate a strong emotional attachment to the product.

This thinking has given birth to VOLTERMAN. A personality who is next to you in all the circumstances of life. He is there to remind you, to protect you, to empower you, to connect you and provide energy in the most critical situations. That is why he is a smart personality with 5 impressive features and functions such as: built-in power bank, distance alarm system, thief detector camera, global WiFi hotspot and global GPS tracker.


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One thought on “Volterman wallet branding by Backbone Branding

  1. Rahul Bhattacharya says:

    After seeing your advertisement in Facebook I eagerly want to buy your VOLTERMAN WALLET. From where it will be purchase? I am living in INDIA.
    So please tell me your brand shop in INDIA, KOLKATA.

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