Guylian flagship store by f&ha, Perth – Australia

July 19th, 2017 by retail design blog

f&ha has recently completed the flagship Guylian store in Perth, the first store to open on the west coast of Australia, providing a tangible experience of the Guylian brand. A spatial celebration of the fusion between the traditional and the contemporary has been the agenda of the space. The experience celebrates the rich heritage and articulates clearly all the new contemporary insertions.

Restoring the original heritage fabric including the ceilings and columns allows for them to be a feature within. The new works are articulated through 2 gestures: a wrapping timber wall and a high level mirror wall. The wrapping timber wall is 2/3 the height of the space, located forward of the main heritage column line and reads as an undulating insertion.

Above and behind the column line is a mirror wall which also wraps the entire space infinitely reflecting the ceiling to expand the spatial experience. In one sweep, the thin wrapping timber and mirror wall, separate back and front of house areas leaving the main volume of the space to reflect upon the beautiful Guylian brand and chocolate offering with an elegant material palette.

Design: f&ha

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