PAUSA Restaurant and Bar by CCS Architecture, San Mateo – California

July 20th, 2017 by retail design blog

CCS Architecture has partnered with owners Steve Ugur and Andrea Giuliani to create PAUSA Restaurant and Bar, a reinvention of their esteemed Spiedo Ristorante in San Mateo. PAUSA is located in the existing Spiedo space on Third Street in San Mateo’s historic downtown commercial district. Infused into both the cuisine and design are authentic and timeless Italian flavors.

The design of PAUSA is meant to evoke a modern Italian experience with crafted materials and sophisticated lines within an open and light filled space. Large sliding doors and sidewalk dining welcome passersby to join the convivial bar atmosphere or stay for a meal. The marble bar and richly detailed brass liquor shelving lead the eye back to an open kitchen with a wood fired pizza oven and dough preparation room. The lively food prep area creates an exciting atmosphere with a strong connection to the food being served.

Seating is in three distinct areas defined by low walls of wood panels, metal, and glass with banquettes that establish a relaxed level of luxury. Art is influenced by Chef Andrea’s native town of Veneto, located in the shadows of the Dolomite mountain range, and the Chef’s and Community tables provide a gathering place for larger parties, or to connect with someone new for the first time.

The composition of the materials is a mix of reinterpreted classic Italian elements with strong geometric wall tile, blackened steel and rustic leather playing against the soft lines of furniture, brass accents and patterned glass. These materials are enveloped by the warm tones of walnut, gray French oak and elegant drapery. Porcelain stoneware floor tiles reminiscent of an aged Italian patterned floor run wall to wall below exposed ceiling trusses, while large hanging pendant lights of delicate brass and steel fill the space.

Design: CCS Architecture

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