Supercheap Auto flagship store by McCartney Design, Penrith – Australia

July 22nd, 2017 by retail design blog

There’s nothing subtle about the arrival of the new Supercheap Auto Flagship Store at Penrith, NSW. Supercheap Auto is Australia’s biggest retailer of auto parts and accessories. The store is their first step towards a more service and experience based customer offer.

This is New Retail- it’s all about the customer. Over the front door there’s a rock concert sized LED screen. Out the front of the store are fitment bays where you can have your new purchases fitted and have a battery of tests and checks done. There is a wall of Click’n’Collect lockers and even a couple of Tesla charging stations.

Inside, he customer journey is simple- it’s a doughnut. The entire Supercheap merchandise offer is in the outer ring. But what truly differentiates the store is the middle of the doughnut. It’s entirely taken up with customer engagement and service.

Dominating the space is a huge suspended eight sided LCD display hung over a vehicle service lift. The feature’s main function is educational- to carry out demonstrations and tutorials broadcast to the entire store via the screens. It’s huge, immersive, service driven, informative and above all fun. It’s New Retail.

Design: MacCartneydesign
Photography: Alex Ball

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