HomeAway Offices by OSCA, Singapore

July 24th, 2017 by retail design blog

OSCA designed the offices of vacation rental company HomeAway, located in Singapore. An unconventional office design project, the theme for this project is “Travel”. Each area of the office is different with its distinct and unique design which allows you to experience the feeling of “travelling” as you step into different areas of the office. The use of dark and bold material colour concept coupled with strong lines to define the office space creates a welcoming and cozy feeling for any guests. With an extra-large Birdhouse-shaped signage wall in the guest holding area, it features the classic Singapore shop house window with TV frames.

We believe that employees need to feel at home and love the space we create for them. The space we designed provides a wide range of flexible environment with a mixture of a coffee shop, restaurant, sports bar, hotel lobby and loft-living theme. Essentially, this is a common space for all types of personalities. No one gets left behind. We made full use of rich textures and non-commercial furnishings with the right lighting to create a warm and visually stimulating environment compared to the traditional office setting.

Staffs do not get pre-assigned tables or offices and all employees and clients have full flexibility to work where they want. In fact, it is not uncommon to see any staff roaming around and working at different areas in a day. We also experimented with common space (meeting and discussion space) where we created the concept of a “Fish Spa” meeting space with elevated seating space with continuous rectangle seating with cushion pillow as seat backing.

A “Bar Styled” conference space with high stool at table setting (talk about work meets play). A homely “living room” discussion space with comfortable lounge furniture for causal discussions. We created a “bean bags room” where it is even more causal with dozens of beanbags to hug! Most of the furnishings and office furniture is custom made which makes this office design project truly unique and one of its kind.

Design: OSCA
Photography: Vic Lian


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