JZ Club Shanghai by STUDIO C8, Shanghai – China

July 25th, 2017 by retail design blog

In October 2016, after 12 years run on Fuxing Lu, the JZ Club unveiled their new location at Found 158, formerly known as Datong Mill, in the middle of a local park on Julu Lu, Shanghai. Studio C8 created a spatial identity for this place where was marked a new chapter in the history of the JZ Club.

The JZ Club is one of the most well known jazz clubs in Shanghai, and even in China. Live music seven days a week, they have been attracted jazz lovers since it launched in 2004. The design team aimed to elevate their characteristic ambience and the exciting experience of enjoying jazz music at the new venue.

The club is housed in a splendid double height space, which combines a reception area, a stage set up at one end, different types of seating area, bar and two private rooms. Inspired by old Shanghai, the use of the grey brick as a backdrop and the colour red such as Italian stucco wall and curtains adorn the walls are used to highlight the space ambience. It creates a mysterious yet intimate place for all.

Design: STUDIO C8
Photography: Nacása&Partners

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