Cheil Jemyunso restaurant by CJ Foodville, N Seoul Tower / Seoul – Korea

July 26th, 2017 by retail design blog

For the exterior, we used glass walls as much as possible so that people can see the inside. There is a ceiling structure that is invisible from the outside to the inside. This ceiling structure has the detail of a lattice-shaped form that boast of Korea’s magnificence. In addition, lights are placed in between to make the space look larger.

The wood lattice ceiling with the lights is the identity of this space. The place of the cashier at the entrance is made of wood with a large tile, giving off a simple feel. The white and wood strips of the entrance ceiling are design elements that reflect traditional Korean style.

The pendant using the old wooden bowl is perfect as a point inside the hall. In addition, the seats, which are zoned into lower partitions, hold the axis of the long space while smoothly dividing human traffic. The inside of the hall is composed of 3 glass walls in total, 2 of which show the center of Seoul at a glance. In particular, we recommend visiting this space at night to experience seeing the night view.

Design and photography: CJ Foodville

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