Claude store by Silvio Girolamo, Adelfia / Bari – Italy

July 26th, 2017 by retail design blog

Claude is an intimate fashion store in a small town near Bari, Adelfia. The overall concept reflects the owner’s feelings and taste. The result is an ambient and sensory experience that allows the clothes to shine. The shop is housed in an old barrel vault house and it is characterized by the succession of three rooms on a straight line.

The project is the exaltation of a dialogue between past and present, tradition and modernity, curved lines and straight ones. The space is defined by a simple and clear layout and a color palette of muted and neutral hues that are quiet, calming and discrete.

The iconic gold was used as an extension of the color palette, reinterpreting it in a classic yet contemporary way.
Simplistic and modular opaque gold racks, arranged in a warm space, invite customers to feel comfortable and relaxed while trying on the clothes on display. Custom furnishings are designed to achieve a monolithic feel to the space.

The two main elements are the table and the check-out counter, both made with travertino marble. The goal was to introduce a different feel to the shopping experience, like to be in a home, sitting down to have a good coffee in front of the fireplace. A warm and cozy atmosphere where the steps became silent on the carpet.

Design: Silvio Girolamo
Photography: Simone Boccuzzi

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