Oriental Vision Flagship store by Prospace Asia, Guangzhou – China

July 26th, 2017 by retail design blog

Oriental Vision is a 30-year-old optics and eyewear retail brand in China. It is renowned for its quality products and meticulous service. Prospace Asia was engaged to design a new store identity for its exclusive flagship store, based in Guangzhou, Guandong Province, China. One of the key priorities was to modernize and con-temporise Oriental Visions brand aesthetic. The concept was to create a sophisticated and well-detailed retail environment that would celebrate luxury with the finest craft and technology.

Targeted at the Chinese luxury segment, the store needed to provide a safe environment to experiment in as well as encouraging shoppers to dwell and play. The Prospace Design team applied various textures and delicate details together with a bold colour palette that mixed black, gamboge and gold, to create a delicate, warm and lavish aesthetic. A Simple geometric pattern was used as a key design feature that was applied to various screens and lamps within the store to create the dominate design language.

This language provided both visual and tactile interest and through its use of materials such a gold plating and gamboge yellow; it allowed areas such as the sunglasses wall to become a focus in the store to drive interest and sales. The ordered and considered merchandising strategy of the sunglasses wall also allowed each pair of glasses to become a “hero” product adding to the sense of exclusiveness and value of the product.

Client and customers’ reaction has been extremely enthusiastic meaning that the new design is now being rolled out across the entire Chinese market. Sales, along with customer reaction has proved that the brand has been successfully updated and upgraded to the premium end of the market. The design was awarded first prize in the Asian Pacific Space Design Awards 2017.

Prospace Asia is a team of passionate and highly skilled individuals with varied and dynamic backgrounds. Having operated for over 20 years in the Asia – Pacific region, the business is hugely experienced in retail design and retail insight. Their mission is to create engaging environments for brands, retailers, and the customers around the world.

Design: Prospace Asia
Photography: Keyu Yu

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