Thomas Cook Westfield Stratford store by Wanda Creative, London – UK

July 27th, 2017 by retail design blog

Thomas Cook Westfield Stratford represents a further phase in the development of this iconic and historic retail brand by Wanda Creative. The store engages and immerses the customer in a comprehensive interactive and entertaining retail experience. The focus is on the customer and how the colleagues engage throughout the course of one to one or group consultations. Technology has been introduced to enable customers to seamlessly interact with both online and physical channels and immerse themselves in the holiday experiences via in store Virtual Reality.

Promotions are clearly communicated through the built environment, which has been designed to accommodate targeted marketing material and social media content that enables the customer to witness other customers commenting ‘real time’ on the before, during and after experiences of their holidays.

Every aspect and component has been carefully considered and examined to ensure they all work together to achieve the client’s commercial and customer objectives of a fully immersive omni-channel retail travel experience.

Design: Wanda Creative
Photography: Robert Greshoff

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