Cupboard Combo box CIRCA17 by KARPENTER

August 2nd, 2017 by retail design blog

The CIRCA17 Collection is characterized by its proportional design and ability to make the most out of least. The pieces are built to be sturdy, firm and applicable to rooms of any space and style. The smooth curves and warm textures add taste to the practicality to the living space. Multiple drawers and compartments offer handy storage giving it an edge on design functionality. The Cupboard Combo can be set easily in various arrangement.

Design and photography: KARPENTER

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4 thoughts on “Cupboard Combo box CIRCA17 by KARPENTER

  1. mansi desai says:


    this is tremendous posting for us and this is very nice furniture images here cause this type cupboard is
    unique .

    thank for this posting ,


    mansi desai

  2. vikrampandit says:

    Collection is very nice, German & Italian furniture is best for Home Decoration,

  3. Tofarch says:

    Tofarch is a Noida, Delhi-NCR Based Manufacturing company interest lies in the domain of design & manufacturer of modular office furniture & allied products for interiors

  4. The fact that is has so many open shelves and one drawer makes it great for office places. Fantastic design and colors!

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