Heqinghao Tea House by Shangyuan Art Design, Shenzhen – China

August 4th, 2017 by retail design blog

Tea ceremony contains a lot of wisdom. Tasting a same cup of tea in a different environment gives you different feelings. This project was inspired by the word “taste”. Items are endowed with feelings, and we can see one’s characteristics through his/her taste in tea.

This space aimed to create a quiet environment for tea lovers and build a high quality slow atmosphere that is comfortable and elegant to make one calms down. The tea house interprets the beauty of elegance through a unique new gesture. We took a natural color tone and embellished the space with strong yet graceful Chinese red, the complexity and inclusiveness of the colors provide people with unique imagination about the place.

Delicate and exquisite brushed bronze and natural textured wooden walls are warm and smooth, showing an elegant atmosphere. The perfect combination of rough blue slates, neat black mirror steel and stoving varnish surfaces contributes to a simple, spacious and fine space.

Design: Shangyuan Art Design

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