THE AGLIO GARDEN by Nishiyama Tohru design office, Kyoto – Japan

August 4th, 2017 by retail design blog

The first time I stood at this site injured due to repeated extension and remodeling, I felt the sense that this space is waiting painfully, eagerly and helplessly the moment of pomp-filled atmosphere on those days. Like those days, be irrespective of nationality, irrespective of one period of the times, and irrespective of stereotypical views. A wide variety of materials and designs.

It’s a material garden. This large open space is separated by light partition but you may feel that you have a meal in one big LDK in the case of a party. Intimate and graceful space. Now, as ‘The Aglio Garden’ this space brings back a shining face that had before and I can hear the voice of this space, “Get away from the daily routine and have a precious time here!!”

Design: Nishiyama Tohru design office
Photography: Shimomura Photo Office Inc.

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